Growth. The word’s meaning can go in two ways. Sometimes, ‘growth’ is totally good and great, like when trees or children or Danny Brown grow up, it’s generally accepted as a positive term. But there’s also the weird, scary side to ‘growth,’ like the that stuff on the bottom of the pan in the sink that wasn’t there last week.

Today, we’re talking about good growth. Today, we’re stoked to announce two more members to the Babe City family: Project Manager Jen Pape and Photographer Michael Andrade. If you’ve spent any time at any good show in DC, you’ve definitely seen these intrepid supporters front and center, ears plugged. At least I hope they protect their ears, they go to too many shows not to. 

Super huge thanks to Jen and Michael for all their work raising Babe City to the next level. And thanks for their continued patience as we figure out that blown fuse. With their help, Babe City Records is going to grow up the greatest.

Welcome to the team! Read their words on the team below, and say hi when you see them. Plenty more great announcements coming soon.



Hey what's up! Jen Bunny here. I work as the Project Manager at Babe City. I came to Babe City hoping to help support the creative endeavors of local artists by bringing my own set of skills to the table - corporate organization and outreach being the big ones. I started working here in February and I'm kinda a secret shadow member of the squad because most of my work gets done in the underpinnings of our business. Super fun spreadsheets and research aside, I also press the buttons, and custom what-nots for our label and help manage merch and branding. Sometimes I can be found at the merch table, so I hope you will come say hello! 

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Hi I'm Michael, I work as the house photographer for Babe City Records. My role ranges from shooting shows, band promos, assisting with social media/website content and documenting recording sessions. I joined Babe City Records with the purpose of elevating and supporting bands that I absolutely love. It was a smooth transition since I am friends with each member of the bands and have been documenting their progression over the years. The D.C. music scene has had its most successful year since [REDACTED MENTION OF THE PAST], and Babe City Records is ready to keep it rolling.