DC super group and latest BCDC signee THE EL MANSOURIS have premiered their debut single on everyone's favorite emerging music site: Stereogum. Author James Rettig had this to say:

"The El Mansouris got their start last year with a series of three performances in art galleries around their home base of Washington D.C. Listening to their forthcoming self-titled debut album, you can hear how these songs would shine in a live setting: They’re performative and outwardly projecting, and the band — a collaboration between local D.C. musicians who all have their own projects (including Margot MacDonald, Young Rapids, and Cigarette) — has a knack for spinning plates that’s reminiscent of Braids and the Dirty Projectors. On lead single “The Greys,” the El Mansouris build to a controlled cacophony, with abrasive harmonies and prickling guitars serving as a foundation for their epic sweep."

This is also our first split release with our good friends at DZ Tapes! The El Mansouris' self-titled debut will be out 1/13/17, available for pre-order right about now. Ho-Ho-ohfuckyeah.