DC's leading snackxcore band and our latest signee, BRNDA, joined us for a very special episode of BABE CITY RADIO, our biweekly radio show and podcast. We talk with Dave and Alex, PHD about the new BRNDA tape, the New York Jets, body armor, dangerous piñatas, awe-inspiring sunrises, Lithium, the troublesome return of Refused and much more. Featuring music by O-Face, Antelope, The Seeds, Sonic Youth, Teen Mom, BRNDA, Camper Van Beethoven, yadda yadda. Special thanks as always to RADIO CPR for welcoming us into their studio and on their frequency. BABE CITY RADIO is usually every other Saturday from 1 - 3 PM EST on 101.7 FM, and can be streamed on the RADIO CPR website. Click on Whoopi to stream the show, or on this link.

BRNDA is currently on tour with TEEN MOM, catch them in a rust belt city near you. They'll be back in DC on June 16th, with O-Face, Pupppy and Swings at Above the Bayou. See you there. Big things coming from these babes, keep an eye out.