We've got good news: you can now hold your very own piece of GUMP history in your hands / play it in your box. Just in time for the holidays: the GUMP debut Sleven is NOW AVAILABLE on tape in our store. Walk on over right here to cop that shit!

Based in the lazy suburbs of Maryland just outside of Washington DC, GUMP (Give Us More Power) is an alternative quartet, blending hip-hop with post-rock. With souls too tired for punk music yet too restless for a mellower hip-hop alternative, the members of GUMP acknowledge yet respectfully disregard the traditional genre boundaries set-up by those artists who came before them, as they try to fit somewhere in between. 

Formed in late 2013, GUMP is fronted by Gaithersburg rapper Uno Hype (Germany Hawley), with guitarist/pianist Ali Badalov, bassist Joey Pappas and drummer Zeeshan Shad. he boys then took some time to refine their sound and complete their debut EP 'Sleven', which was premiered exclusively via leading alternative music blog AFROPUNK. Gump was named one of 25 DMV Artists To Watch in 2016 by Brightest Young Things and their song “4 O’Clock” was one of D.C. Music Downloads Favorites Songs of 2016.

Stepping in to 2017, GUMP have begun work on their upcoming EP 'Beer & Wine', which is scheduled for a February release, with their lead single "War" set for release in early January.


DC super group and latest BCDC signee THE EL MANSOURIS have premiered their debut single on everyone's favorite emerging music site: Stereogum. Author James Rettig had this to say:

"The El Mansouris got their start last year with a series of three performances in art galleries around their home base of Washington D.C. Listening to their forthcoming self-titled debut album, you can hear how these songs would shine in a live setting: They’re performative and outwardly projecting, and the band — a collaboration between local D.C. musicians who all have their own projects (including Margot MacDonald, Young Rapids, and Cigarette) — has a knack for spinning plates that’s reminiscent of Braids and the Dirty Projectors. On lead single “The Greys,” the El Mansouris build to a controlled cacophony, with abrasive harmonies and prickling guitars serving as a foundation for their epic sweep."

This is also our first split release with our good friends at DZ Tapes! The El Mansouris' self-titled debut will be out 1/13/17, available for pre-order right about now. Ho-Ho-ohfuckyeah.


Good news everyone! Leapling's Babe City debut--Killing Time EP (BCDC-020)--is now available for purchase on our store! The album, a companion piece to last year's excellent Suspended Animation, was described as "bouncy power-pop" and "a breezy exploration of ennui." Couldn't have said it better ourselves.


Scoop the album right now on our store, available in clear cassette and/or digital download.


Artists really hate genre tags. In not-very-interesting interviews, there’s always a prompt about genre and cultural reception, and even if the question is valid, interviewees have a somewhat standard response: we don’t think in terms of categories (or something to that effect). The same can be said about our approach to releasing records and supporting artists.

Fuck what you think you know about Babe City Records.

Today, more than any other day, we’re proud to announce the newest member of the BCDC family: NAPPYNAPPA. A fiery emcee from Southeast DC, NAPPYNAPPA has been building his cred for years with a series of excellent soundcloud releases, collaborating with friends and foes far and wide. Plus, dude is the best dressed in the crew.

Photo Credit:  Ryan Florig

Photo Credit: Ryan Florig

Davonte “NAPPYNAPPA" Squire, aka The Mumbo Sauce Prince, sports a creative dedication that we can’t help but admire. He lives his music. There is no separation between Davonte and the many styles of NAPPYNAPPA. Instead, he uses his music and wit to draw listeners into his world. That world is not without its struggles, of course, but in Davonte’s wide-eyed way, those struggles are worth celebrating as much as his successes. If that’s something you can’t get behind, I don’t think we see eye-to-eye friend.

We’ve got some shit in the works with NAPPYNAPPA, some sooner than later, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, scoop this limited NNxBCDC tee--designed by our very own Kevin Sottek--jam to Davonte’s latest release, Powerline, and catch a reborn NAPPYNAPPA with Trash Talk for Rock n Roll Hotel’s 10-Year Anniversary blowout.


Babe City's very own Lady Pills premiered their debut album Despite in full on Bandcamp Daily, with a positive review from prominent journalist Maria Sherman to boot.

"Despite is an irritated, fast-moving, wide-ranging record, one that avoids exhaustion by focusing its energy on crafting perfect rock songs. If this is what being fed up sounds like, we welcome that frustration."

Read the full review here, and scoop Despite on tape, CD and digital here. Catch Lady Pills on tour with Den-Mate starting 7/14.