Much like love, inspiration comes at unlikely moments. The counter-intuitive game of not seeking what you want most is frustrating, cruel even, but that state of being allows for the greatest epiphanies.

Silver Spring's Go Cozy began as a way for Homero Salazar Andrujovich and Maria Sage to stay close while they were separated, due to university schedules. During what must have been a trying time, closeness grew to include an intoxicating dream-pop repertoire that was equally intimate and universal. Go Cozy now includes talented players from the DC scene, and the band's good-times grooves and soaring harmonies have been nodding heads at shows across the East Coast. Absence may not make the heart grow fonder, but it could make you better at guitar.

Glaziao is a poised album that puts as much emphasis on creating space to breathe as it does being physical...an album where each song is genuinely a stand-out.
Paste Magazine
The breathy and milky vocals are goosebump-inducing as the intertwined tones bring celestial inflections.
And so the guitars twist and shake with a wonderful glimmer, the whole thing runs smoothly and steadfast glimmering in the rays of sunshine, and yet you’re still left with a nugget of something like sadness, a little pining for something that you’re unable to place or shake.