"Across a skittering, tricky drum beat the band weave fuzzy guitars and build a fairly doom-laden atmosphere befitting of the times. “I don’t only blame you, but I blame myself too” they lament, showing off their awareness and humanity. When they explode into searing riffs and wail in pure anguish, it’s a truly cathartic experience, one that seems to completely capture the discontent of the times." - DIY MAG

Introducing Babe City Sessions!

There just isn't enough content in the world. There simply isn't. We want all you special people to be able to experience our artists the same way we get to experience them, live. There's something moving about seeing your favorite songs translated live, the imperfections, the alterations, it sticks with you. So, we're going to start releasing Babe City Sessions featuring our artists and other artists we love so you can enjoy it from the nice warm glow of your computer screen.

Here's Den-Mate performing Just So You Know. Directed by Robin Groulx & Eli Sinkus, all audio recorded and produced by Rick Irby.