Artists really hate genre tags. In not-very-interesting interviews, there’s always a prompt about genre and cultural reception, and even if the question is valid, interviewees have a somewhat standard response: we don’t think in terms of categories (or something to that effect). The same can be said about our approach to releasing records and supporting artists.

Fuck what you think you know about Babe City Records.

Today, more than any other day, we’re proud to announce the newest member of the BCDC family: NAPPYNAPPA. A fiery emcee from Southeast DC, NAPPYNAPPA has been building his cred for years with a series of excellent soundcloud releases, collaborating with friends and foes far and wide. Plus, dude is the best dressed in the crew.

Photo Credit: Ryan Florig

Photo Credit: Ryan Florig

Davonte “NAPPYNAPPA" Squire, aka The Mumbo Sauce Prince, sports a creative dedication that we can’t help but admire. He lives his music. There is no separation between Davonte and the many styles of NAPPYNAPPA. Instead, he uses his music and wit to draw listeners into his world. That world is not without its struggles, of course, but in Davonte’s wide-eyed way, those struggles are worth celebrating as much as his successes. If that’s something you can’t get behind, I don’t think we see eye-to-eye friend.

We’ve got some shit in the works with NAPPYNAPPA, some sooner than later, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, scoop this limited NNxBCDC tee--designed by our very own Kevin Sottek--jam to Davonte’s latest release, Powerline, and catch a reborn NAPPYNAPPA with Trash Talk for Rock n Roll Hotel’s 10-Year Anniversary blowout.


The Bueno boys are back with a new track that ain't whack, check out this tact-ful review in AdHac. It's actually AdHoc, but it doesn't rhyme as well:

On "Blown Out", off their upcoming Illuminate Your Room LP, Bueno delivers a personal take on a familiar rock narrative. Waking up to a world they don't understand or particularly like, Chiaruttini's narrator confronts a vapid and unforgiving wasteland from the perspective of an outsider. "I love rock n roll but it has a tendency to reinforce some very negative male stereotypes and lend a voice to those who probably don't necessarily need their voices amplified."

Hail Staten! Illuminate Your Room is available 8/19 on Babe City Records and Exploding in Sound(!!). Pre-order here.